After several attempts it is now a part of the standard biannual program of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) Working Party on Drying (WPD) to support organizing the European Drying Conference series. The previous dedicated meetings were:

  • Symposium EU Drying 03, Heraklion, Crete (2003) organized by Prof. Saravacos
  • European Drying Conference (AFSIA & EFCE WP Drying), Biarritz, France (2007) organized by Prof. Andrieu
  • European Drying Conference (AFSIA & EFCE WP Drying), Lyon, France (2009) organized by Prof. Andrieu and Prof. Perré
  • 3rd European Drying Conference (EuroDrying’2011) Palma de Mallorca, Spain organized by Prof. Rossello
  • 4th European Drying Conference (EuroDrying’2013) Paris, France organized by Prof. Perré

It is now a great appreciation for the Hungarian drying community that the 5th European Drying Conference (EuroDrying’2015) hosted by Szent István University, Gödöllő and the Hungarian Chemical Society will be held in Budapest, Hungary during October 21-23, 2015.

The main scope of the Conference is to provide a scientific program of cutting-edge research in drying field, development and applications in drying and dewatering technologies. The Conference is dedicated to providing a bridge to science and leading scientists from Europe and all around the globe.

Thanks a lot to Dr Kemp and Prof. Mulet for accepting the chairmanship of the Scientific Committee, and additionally the WPD members to serve also in reviewing the submitted abstracts and papers. Beside the Conference Proceedings it is planned to publish the selected papers in Drying Technology Journal.

According to the intention of the WPD our aims were to keep the registration fee as low as possible and offering a discounted fee to PhD students.


Prof. Istvan Farkas
EuroDrying’2015 Chairman
Chair of EFCE Working Party on Drying


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